United States

USA Canada Map Triumph Tiger 800xc RTW round the world

Map: USA and Canada

This is a fully interactive map of our route through Canada and the USA on our Triumph Tiger 800XC. It’s been created from track logs captured on our Garmin GPS and then imported, via Google Earth, into Google maps.

Tucson 7

We spent our final week in the US staying with Dave in Tucson, Arizona. We met Dave in July when we were stranded in Coldfoot due to the rain and then spent time with him in Fairbanks University. He’d very kindly invited us to stay at his place if we […]

Joshua Tree and more rain 2

Joshua Tree is our 11th and final National Park in the US. We chose to camp at Black Rock Canyon Campground as it is one of only two in the park that has potable water and we just don’t have the space to carry enough water on the bike for […]

Los Angeles

Thanksgiving (big American holiday period) was approaching and we had been warned that it would be difficult to get a campsite during this period. The camp host at Stillwater Cove State Park told us they were fully booked and that was a good 2 months before the day itself. We […]

Loomis – what fun 2

At the beginning of October we met Gary and Laura in Vernal, Utah and subsequently camped together in Moab. We got on tremendously and they kindly invited us to stay with them if we were passing by. Leaving Yosemite and heading for the coast meant we would pass nearby Gary […]

Yosemite National Park 1

We visited Yosemite National Park on our honeymoon but it was a very quick visit and we don’t remember much about the park except that the Park accommodation was full and we stayed in a disabled room in a motel and Janette had Big Brown Bears Porridge for breakfast – […]

Death Valley

We had driven through Death Valley on our honeymoon back in 1995 stopping just once at one of the overlooks. At that time we had not realised that there was anything to see here – how wrong we were. Death Valley is an amazing place, not just empty desert. Even […]

Manzanar – Japanese Relocation Camp

We read about Manzanar National Historic Site in a brochure we had picked up about Death Valley and decided we just had to visit on our way past. The story of Manzanar and the other 9 Relocation Camps was one neither of us had ever heard. After Japan’s attack on […]

Las Vegas

As a complete contrast to all the natural beauty of the National Parks, we decided to spend a few days in Las Vegas, another place we had visited on our honeymoon. We found a good value room in the Excalibur Hotel which turned out to be excellent value when Steve […]

North Rim Grand Canyon

We arrived at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on the 16th October, the day after most of the facilities closed. The campground was still open and we camped in the trees near the canyon edge but we had to drive out of the park to get food and […]

Zion National Park 1

Zion National Park is just a short hop from Bryce Canyon, we entered through the East Entrance and although the scenery was nice, the traffic was horrid. The road is twisty and drops in elevation and the RVs and cars in front of us just could not drive around the […]

Bryce Canyon – Land of the Hoodoos

When we pitched our tent amongst the trees at Sunset Campground in Bryce Canyon National Park we had no idea what a fantastic place this was and how magical we would find it. We were told it was full of Hoodoos, but had no idea what these were. We got to […]

Moab, is this the desert? 1

Our next stop was Moab where we camped in the KOA (Kampground Of America, their spelling not mine) next to Gary and Laura after Laura told the camp hosts in no uncertain terms that she was “super unhappy” with their initial site allocations for us. The first morning it rained, […]

Vernal and Some Old Fossils 3

Vernal, our next destination, is famous for dinosaur remains. We debated whether we should go to the Dinosaur National Monument as neither of us are particularly enthusiastic about old fossils. We were very close to it and a few people said it was a cool place to visit. So decision […]

Flaming Gorge and Boiling Tigers 1

The Flaming Gorge straddles the states of Wyoming and Utah. The ride down the west side of the gorge had been a bit disappointing – the scenery was great, but it just was not gorge like! The map indicated that most of the best bits were at the bottom so […]

Roaming in Wyoming

Since entering Wyoming, we have spent all our time in the National Parks – Yellowstone then Grand Teton and Steve really wanted to find a nice small town to visit. We like to avoid the Interstates (motorways) when we travel and most of the towns we went through were tiny […]

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 2

Because it had been so cold overnight in Yellowstone, we considered skipping the Grand Teton National Park and just heading south for some warmer weather. We are pleased we did not make this decision as the scenery is just beautiful. The Grand Teton range is very young in terms of […]

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

We spent 6 wonderful days in Yellowstone National Park. Janette was really looking forward to going here after watching Yogi Bear as a child and seeing a documentary on Yellowstone – Super Volcano a few years ago. This level of expectation normally leads to disappointment, but fortunately the park exceeded […]

Glacier National Park, Montana 1

We spent just three nights in Glacier National Park which was not really enough time to explore this fabulous place properly, but snow was forecast and motorbikes and snow are not a good combination. We camped at Two Medicine Campground in a lovely wooded setting. On our first evening, we […]

Back in the USA, Washington State 1

  After six weeks in Canada (nowhere near long enough but the time on our US visa is still ticking whilst we’re in Canada), we crossed back into the USA – into the state of Washington. Initially, the scenery continues as it was on the Canadian side of the border […]