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Photos: Mexico

Wildlife, beautiful beaches, Spanish colonial cities, tradition, Mayan ruins and Easter parades. Mexico has it all and so much more. Definitely one of our favourite countries which is why we stayed almost a year. We’ll be back.

Mexico Map Route Triumph Tiger 800xc round the world RTW

Map: Mexico

This is a fully interactive map of our route through Mexico on our Triumph Tiger 800XC. It’s been created from track logs captured on our Garmin GPS and then imported, via Google Earth, into Google maps.

Adios Mexico – no we didn’t die!!!!

Before entering from the United States we’d anticipated that we might spend about 3 months in Mexico. Many Americans, typically those whom had never visited the country, warned us that we would surely be killed, or worse, if we went there. Happily we can report that Mexico is a wonderful country to visit. […]

Mexican Peninsula, Pre Cuba 3

Before we finally depart Mexico, honestly we will leave Mexico at some point, we plan on doing a “lap” of the Mexican peninsula including Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. There are some wonderful Mayan ruins such as Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Tulum to explore in this area as well as colonial […]

Oaxaca – pronounced “Wahaca” 4

  We left San Cristobal de Las Casas on the 12th September. Originally we’d planned to stay at a coffee plantation in the hills as it was soon to be our 20th wedding anniversary. However, whilst in San Cris we discovered that Mexican independence would be celebrated on the same […]

Hola Amigos. ¿Cómo Están? 6

The original “idea” was we’d just learn Spanish as we went along. How hard can it be when you’re constantly immersed in the language buying food, groceries, renting rooms, buying stuff for the bike etc.? Well it turns out that, for us, it’s pretty difficult and after 6 months in Mexico we’d […]

Puebla – how rich!

Puebla will be the last colonial city we visit for a while, and what a way to end part one of our trip to Mexico (part two will commence once we’ve been to Belize). Puebla was founded on the 16th April 1531 as the first “perfect” city in the Americas. That is, a […]

Phew it’s getting hot – Puebla

Our next major destination was Puebla, another of the old colonial cities, with some of the mostly decorated churches and cathedrals in the land. However, the objective was not to ride straight there but to take in some natural sights along the way. It’s been a while since we really […]

OH!, that’s not good 18

  One of the objectives whilst in Guanajuato was to service the bike. Just the 30,000 mile service this time so nothing too onerous and just routine stuff. With a good base for a month it’s also an opportunity to check everything over and give everything a thorough clean. It […]

Mazamitla – Little Switzerland in Mexico 1

The small town of Mazamitla is in the beautiful region of Sierra del Tigre – we just had to take Tiggs to see it. The ride from Atotonilco Al Alto was fantastic winding our way through the mountains and around Lago de Chapala – Mexico’s largest natural lake. Unusually for […]

San Luis Potosi – a minor Triumph

It’s been a while since Tigger has been serviced and that time is coming up fast. According to the Triumph Mexico web site there is a Triumph dealership in the town of San Luis Potosi where it should be possible for us to pick up the oil filters we need. […]

From one colonial town to the next – Zacatecas

Zacatecas is another of the rich colonial towns founded in the middle of the 16th century by the Spanish. It’s the largest town in the state of Zacatecas, yes another of those towns with the same name as the state in which they reside, and has a population of about […]

Durango Durango, so good they named it twice! 2

At the end of a relatively long day riding the Devils Backbone from Mazatlan we finally rolled into the city of Durango in the state of……. Durango! The traffic was pretty heavy and further exacerbated by construction work and a deviation which took us down some pretty minor roads before […]

Devils Backbone to Durango 2

We’d heard quite a few stories about the Devils backbone (Mexico route 40) from Mazatlán to Durango, most of it seemingly designed to put anyone off riding this route. The road is dangerous and there is a lot of narcotic activity along the way, warned many of the tales. The […]

Mazatlán 2

Finding the Funky Monkey proved to be a bit of a challenge as a couple of the locals we approached for directions had never heard of it. It actually sits in the middle of a fairly affluent residential area of town and was a great little place to stay for […]

Baja Ferry – Back to Mainland Mexico

  As you will know, if you read one of our previous blog entries, our trip from the mainland to Baja California on the ferry from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia had not been a pleasant experience. We had been told that the ferries running out of La Paz were much […]

La Paz and farewell to Baja California Sur 4

Our final stop on the Baja was La Paz and following a recommendation from Dave in Loreto, we checked into the San Bernadino hotel. This is a great place run by a nice Mexican family, it is good value, has secure parking and there is even a kitchen guests can […]

The Southern Baja “Loop” 2

Our next stop after Loreto was to be Todos Santos on the Pacific coast. It was a bit further than we wanted to ride in one day, so we broke the journey in Ciudad Constitución. This is a small non-tourist town in the agricultural area of Baja. After much discussion, […]

Loreto – the vortex of idleness is strong here 3

After hoteling it in Mexico, it was time to break out the camping gear again. Having really enjoyed our time camping in America and Canada we kind of missed it a bit. A couple of recommendations brought us to Rivera del Mar RV Park, a great place to pitch a tent […]

Mulegé and Hurricane Odile 1

After the lifeless town of San Ignacio, we just loved Mulegé or to give it is full name Heroica Mulegé. This title is based on incidents during the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. The Americans tried to occupy long stretches of the Pacific coast such as California, Baja California, and New […]