Some Practical Information 2   Recently updated !

We’ve had many questions on our travels regarding some of the more mundane day-to-day practical stuff. You know, things like what’s the petrol like, how do you get cash and other such stuff. Well, I decided to create a page with practical information on it for your perusal. If you have questions not covered then just give us a shout.   The page can be found HERE   Saludos, Steve and Janette

Beautiful coffee region, a detour and flying high 4   Recently updated !

The coffee region in Colombia is a beautiful area being characterised by older villages and towns, rolling hills and mountains and, of course, coffee plantations. After failing to renew our tourist permits in Armenia there was nothing for it other than to explore this area further before we moved onto Medellin where we had booked an apartment for the Christmas and New Year period. On one of our rides from Salento we’d visited the small […]

Bike and kit list updated 3

It’s been a while since we left home, June 18th 2014 to be precise. Very early on I published a list of the stuff that we carry but there were a number of things missing e.g. toolkit. Well, that’s now been rectified. Our list of clothing has also changed although surprisingly not much. Basically we took the opportunity to replace worn out stuff when we returned to the UK in November 2017. The biggest change […]

Feliz Navidad – time to do some paperwork, or so we thought!   Recently updated !

Coming close to the end of our first three months in Colombia we thought we’d better get ourselves to the migracion office to start the process of officially extending our stay past the original 90 days allowed. Tigger would also need to be extended once we were finished with migracion. Our 90 day permits expire on the 24th December. We anticipate that things start to slow down in the week leading up to Christmas, as […]

“La Linea” and the start of the coffee region 8   Recently updated !

Geographically Bogota is the third highest capital in South America after Quito and Sucre and is located on a plateau in the Andes mountains at an altitude of about 8,660 feet (2,640 metres). Our destination after Bogota would be the town of Salento in the coffee region about 200 miles away. Little did we know that the road that runs from Bogota and ultimately to the Pacific coast at Buenaventura is the main transport route […]

Fussy dogs, salty Catholics and voluminous people 2   Recently updated !

So, here I am finally catching up on the blogs that I’ve been promising to write for so long now. In my defence I will say, that in my experience, most other travellers who maintain a blog also seem to be behind with their posts. OK, that’s maybe not such a good defence but it doesn’t make me feel so bad and it’s the only defence I have, there being no real mitigating circumstances for […]

Back on the road 27   Recently updated !

After a difficult year, Janette, Tigger and I are back on the road in Ecuador, South America. I have some travels to catch up on in the blog and will do that in due course but in summary this was our last 12 months.   At the end of January 2017 we received the type of message that most long term travellers fear. In our case it was that my (Steves’) mum had suffered a […]

Travels suspended for a while 22

At the end of January my mum had a major stroke and is in hospital. We were advised that the first 24 – 48 hours were critical and that my mum may not make it. We flew home to the UK on the 27th January. Janette is still in Southampton in the UK and I have flown back to Colombia in order to arrange an extension to the temporary import for Tigger which expires on […]

Just a bit too perfect! 3   Recently updated !

We’d been saving up a few “jobs” (yes, even long term travellers like us have stuff we have to do from time to time) that were now becoming essential and we decided that the town of Valledupar would be the ideal place. The 130 mile ride from Camarones was uneventful but did take us through numerous police and army checks, although we were never stopped. The majority of checkpoints consist of cones and strips of […]

New shock absorber and a near drowning – first month in Colombia 13   Recently updated !

It’s been a while, about two months, since Tiggers’ original shock absorber decided to spew its oil and totally ruin the ride and handling of the bike. We’ve had to deliberately avoid specific routes we may have otherwise taken, mainly dirt roads to potentially interesting places, but here we are in Cartegena very much looking forward to collecting our new rear shock absorber from the local DHL office. The original shock absorber, a Japanese Showa […]