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Some Practical Information

We’ve had many questions on our travels regarding some of the more mundane day-to-day practical stuff. You know, things like what’s the petrol like, how do you get cash and other such stuff. Well, I decided to create a page with practical information on it for your perusal. If you have questions not covered then […]

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We spent our final week in the US staying with Dave in Tucson, Arizona. We met Dave in July when we were stranded in Coldfoot due to the rain and then spent time with him in Fairbanks University. He’d very kindly invited us to stay at his place if we were passing and as we’d […]

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Joshua Tree and more rain

Joshua Tree is our 11th and final National Park in the US. We chose to camp at Black Rock Canyon Campground as it is one of only two in the park that has potable water and we just don’t have the space to carry enough water on the bike for all our needs. As it […]

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