Canada 2

These are our photos from Canada, be sure to click through to each page :-). Click thumbnails for a larger view.

Click HERE to go to all North American photos.

Click HERE to go to all North American photos.

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2 thoughts on “Canada

  • Dave (Tiger 800)

    I hope you will be visiting the rest of Canada…eh? Especially the east coast! We will buy ya pint when you arrive here In Nova Scotia.
    BTW, I have attempted to swim…mid August…in Lake Maligne. Not the best of ideas lol. sh-RINKAGE!

    Thanks for sharing, and stay safe 🙂 I’m more than a little jeleous! I’m retired! I should be getting at this..soon!

    • Post author

      Hi Dave, we’d love to visit the East coast of Canada one day, maybe on our second lap of the world 🙂
      Can’t imagine trying to swim in the lake, you must be a much hardier soul than me. Glad you saved us any details on the shrinkage.
      Maybe we’ll meet you on the road one day. Enjoy your Tiger, we love ours it’s a great bike.
      Steve and Janette