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Tigger and Crew Featured ImageWe are Steve (1963 vintage) and Janette Douglas (1966 vintage). We are originally from Southampton in Hampshire, UK but had lived in Goring on Thames in South Oxfordshire, UK for the ten years prior to this trip.

Before quitting our jobs to do this trip, Steve had worked for Microsoft for 18 years and Janette for AXA for 30 years – she had her leaving do on her 30th anniversary of joining.

We have been married since 1995, so should know each other well enough by now to spend 24 hours a day together.

My RC30 Only Bike I Wish I Never SoldSteve has had motorbikes since he was 16 and needed transport to his work as an apprentice. That first bike was a burgundy coloured Yamaha FS1E followed over the years by a succession of Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas and BMWs and now his first Triumph. The only one he really regrets selling is his Honda RC30.

Prior to meeting Steve, Janette had only ever been pillion on a motorcycle once in her life. However, after a gentle introduction to motorcycling and a subsequent trip to the French Alps on a Honda VFR750 Janette is right at home riding pillion with Steve. Curiosity did mean that Janette took some basic motorcycle training. Being told that you had to put your feet down to stop yourself falling over wasn’t a great start and she is pretty sure that she only passed the course after telling the instructor she would not be getting a bike of her own.

Prior to this trip, we have had many holidays in Europe – France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland – many of which included going to MotoGPs. We had two longer trips (5 weeks) both to Morocco which we absolutely loved. In 2009 we had a BMW K1200 GT, which was too big to take off road. We returned in 2012 on our current bike a Triumph Tiger 800 XC which we took off road for the first time – which was a bit scary at first. In both trips, we did big circuits of the country seeing deserts, mountains and oceans and experiencing a completely different culture to that of Europe. The fact that neither of us wanted to return home at the end inspired us to keep saving/planning for the big ‘round the world trip’ we have now started.

Millie trying her new helmet 250 x 300We have a little travelling companion – a small knitted meerkat called ‘Millie’. She was created by Steve’s mum as Janette’s meerkat family were all too big to come with us.






Steve's Suzuki 650 Katana Yamaha FZR1000 Exup Honda VFR750 BMW R1100RS SE BMW K1200GT Triumph Tiger 800XC











Janette & Steve Wedding Sherry Tasting in Jerez Dolomites, Italy Apple Strudel Stelvio Pass Italy Beauty and the beast DIY Monster Steve, Janette Mary and Norman (Janette's parents) Douglas Family

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2 thoughts on “About Steve and Janette

  • Steve Garcia

    Very nice pics, and especially the ones in my beloved Dolomites. Tre Cime I recognized before opening the image up. That takes me back a bit… They are the most dramatic mountains I’ve seen, though many would argue the point… Switzerland for example… LOL

    • stevedouglas@hotmail.co.uk Post author

      Hey Steve, we loved the Dolomites too and hope to return one day, a great place to ride the bike. We’ll reserve judgement for the moment as to whether the Dolomites are the most dramatic mountains. Grand Tetons for me are probably more dramatic and I’m hoping places in Patagonia will be even more so 🙂