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Some Practical Information

We’ve had many questions on our travels regarding some of the more mundane day-to-day practical stuff. You know, things like what’s the petrol like, how do you get cash and other such stuff. Well, I decided to create a page with practical information on it for your perusal. If you have questions not covered then […]

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Beautiful coffee region, a detour and flying high

The coffee region in Colombia is a beautiful area being characterised by older villages and towns, rolling hills and mountains and, of course, coffee plantations. After failing to renew our tourist permits in Armenia there was nothing for it other than to explore this area further before we moved onto Medellin where we had booked […]

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Feliz Navidad – time to do some paperwork, or so we thought!

Coming close to the end of our first three months in Colombia we thought we’d better get ourselves to the migracion office to start the process of officially extending our stay past the original 90 days allowed. Tigger would also need to be extended once we were finished with migracion. Our 90 day permits expire […]

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