Currently near Ibarra, Ecuador as of 25th September 2017 6

Use the interactive map below to see our last noted position (may not always be bang up to date)

Further down the page you’ll find a track log of progress in our current country and further down than that a track of progress since we left home on 18th June 2014.



Our route through Colombia




Overall Progress







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6 thoughts on “Currently near Ibarra, Ecuador as of 25th September 2017

  • Lee Layman

    Meet you guys in Loreto and cooked you Curry great meeting you both … I will follower your adventure with great interest. Have fun you only live once.

  • Bob Gregory

    How are you two – your blog seems to have dried up – missing your progress updates?
    Hope that you are still enjoying your tour, visiting interesting places, meeting so many people and tasting the variety of foods?

    • Post author

      Hi Bob, we’re still doing great and back in Mexico having spent about 7 weeks in beautiful Belize. We’ve been to language school for 5 weeks so our Spanish is improving. Currently in the city of Oaxaca looking forward to the Mexican independence celebrations on Wednesday (as well as our 20th wedding anniversary) and trying out the local cuisine.
      Steve and Janette

  • Alwyn McMath

    Jannette and Steve,
    You did me a good turn in Southampton!
    I wish you well on your travels. If you need a place I London, my door is open.