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Guatemala to Honduras – crossing the border at Corinto

There really doesn’t seem to be too much recent information about crossing this border. I did find a couple of blog posts but they date back about four years or so. With that in mind I post this information in the hope that someone may find it useful in their own planning/preparation. The border crossing […]

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Guatemala, what a blast

The first thing we noticed when entering Guatemala was that there were no topes (sleeping policemen). After nearly a year in Mexico, which in some places seems to have way too many, it came as a pleasant surprise. However, our celebrations were short lived and about 15km from the border we were introduced to the Guatemalan […]

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Border crossing Mexico to Guatemala – Updated 18th March 2016

Being a little behind with the last post on Mexico, surely not I hear you cry, I thought I’d post a quick entry on our experience on crossing the border from Mexico into Guatemala. We would cross from Ciudad Cuauhtémoc on the Mexican side to La Mesilla on the Guatemalan side. We’d heard stories of […]

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Actual route through Guatemala